Diamond Necklace – My views


Diamond Necklace – A movie by Lal Jose
Story of any boy you may know or know of. Believable characterisation. Realistic unfolding of events. Sharp story telling skills.
As summarised above, the story line of the movie is ordinary and conforms to the ways of today’s youth. No surprises there. However, what makes the movie a good creation is the story telling method of the Director and the performances. One man, three women and 2-3 influential acquaintances in his life. Interplay of the three relationships of the protagonist has been woven beautifully into the narrative. Each actress playing the three pivotal roles have made their marks. The Director’s expertise lies in the characterisation of these three women. One is strong and naive at once without drama, one is ruled by emotions but strong and sensible and the third is tainted with innocence that hardly sees the light of intelligence but rooted in values that ultimately acts as a balm. The three women with their individual personalities collectively overshadow the actor.  The actor is a happy go lucky, educated but not very smart (atleast in my opinion) victim of his own follies. He simply goes with the flow that his life takes him in – both when committing mistakes and in correcting them. Its refreshing to see such weaknesses in the protagonist. Most movies tend to potray the main lead to be an exceptional and virtuous human being.
The drawback of the movie maybe the lack of explanation by the Director for certain acts of the protagonist. Personally I did not mind this as I enjoy forming critical view points of the characters in a movie I watch. Infact in some movies its more desirable that the Director lets us believe the emotional run upto certain actions and events in the movie.
Contrary to my expectations arising from the title of the movie, it is not a thriller. But its a simple narrative of an hard hitting lesson learnt by a young man.

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