Yes, I watched the movie a year after its release. Initial marketing of the movie never appealed to me. Somehow felt the sudden urge to sit and down and watch the movie today. Its a must watch for anyone who understand slove in its craziest, most mindless, raw form. Human behaviour as depicted in the movie may beat logic for the rational mind. Leave out the rational mind I say. Because love does not (for most parts) accomodate logic nor was it created to follow the path of logic and reasoning.

The movie follows the tried and tested (many times over) Hindu-Muslim love story. More movie cliches ensue in the story – initial enemity between the lead pair transforming into love, vulnerability of the heroines’s emotions, an extremely strong willed male melting and withering for his mother, bubbly heroine who is the pet of her household and so on and so forth. But the combined effect of the stellar performances by the lead pair (especially Parineeti Chopra), crisp direction and the music gives a very fresh potrayal of the age old love story.

One cannot help but feel the emotional ride that Zoya (the name of the heroine in the movie) goes on in the movie. You understand when she is so youthful and exuberant. You understand when her family support system gives her confidence and fearlessness. You fall in love when she falls for Parma – the man she knows she better stay away from for familial reasons. But cupid always has different plans. Dont we all know that? You definitely cry when her false sense of power with her family breaks down when she needs it the most. You also completely emphathise and agree with her decision in the climax (not giving it away).

The Director, Habib Faisal, has depicted love in its best form. One may even call it the crude form of love. But thats when you feel the deepest level of emotion, desire and courage that love is capable of triggering in us. Habib appears to have understood that as long as there are emotions in the world, one will never get tired of watching a love story and that love can take such different shapes, forms and colours. He chose a very touching variation of love to give the audience.

At the end, I say its a beautiful presentation of an age old love story.


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