How we underestimate the value of sleep. Or I did. All these years I attached value to a good nights sleep only for the sole purpose of making the brain function as expected and at its best at work. Went easy on it in the last year when I have been at home and not working. But it almost feels like I am an entirely different person the day I wake up at a reasonable hour and have had a great night’s sleep. I am happier. Sleep induces  a calm state of mind in your system and triggers all the positive switches in your head to come on. Suddenly, you feel like there is so much potential in the world. That there is so much you can deliver. That every backward step life sometimes forces you to take actually is not the end of the world or for that matter end of anything. There are multiple ways in which you can get ahead. Sleep lets in a freshness in your entire body and mind. Fresh energy enters your system and you watch yourself do all the things you thought but did not do just yesterday. Procrastination appears to be the first thing that sleep fights. It almost feels like life would just be so simple and you will be so driven daily if only you slept well every night. Is it really that simple? Am I giving a little too much credit to sleep?


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