The household matters

We are in the process of setting up our house. So many things to buy. So many shops to visit. So many decisions to take. Exciting, stressful, liberating and taxing. All at once. Such beautiful things to choose from that it instills a great sense of excitement in your mind. Making the most convincing choice is stressful. Especially when you have particular taste without an unlimited budget. Discovering worthwhile thrift stores and the one off furniture stores (I mean the standalone stores in your neighbourhood. not a chain store) with ample treasures on sale is liberating. It makes you realise that you can have a unique home which does not share items with most people in your area. Even more so when they are not exorbitantly priced. Finding a balance between money, time and tastes can be taxing.

Then you go through all the lovely internet pages on store reviews, home tours or just beautiful things (like my favourite blog – once upon a tea time ). Collectively, they inspire you. Individually they give out great sources for timeless pieces to collect for your home. Spending time on these pages builds so many varied pictures in your mind for your home. 

One step at a time. As needy as I am for a fully furnished house right now, I want to build it with love, care and prudence. Prudence for money and for taste. I want to pick up only those items that excites me and makes me believe its making my home beautiful for me to live in. I want to buy only those items that justifies the cost in such a way that the cost does not matter. To elaborate, if its a little expensive you still see so much long term value in it that it does not really pinch you. Or if its dirt cheap, you still see so much value in it that to you it isnt really a cheap deal. Cheap or not, if you love it, its always a great deal.

Have picked up few pieces for home which are dear to me. Oh let me tell you, a water bottle even can sometimes make me believe I have pretty things in the house 🙂 I will plan a post on these items sometime.


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