Insecurities of a happy mind

You wake up on somedays without wanting to face the world. When you would like to curl up and bury yourself in the insecurities you feel that have been tucked away and ignored for a long time. When you want to dwell in such insecurities to (maybe) suddenly discover a solution or a soothing thought. To throw away all fears and actually feel the insecurity. You wake up not wanting to prove yourself to anybody or anything. Not at work, not in your personal life. When there is a nagging need from within to probably tone down the peace and happiness your heart maybe filled with. When you want your mind and body to be still. To be free. To feel no pressure. To take no responsibility. To be of no help to anyone. You thus touch the bottom of the bottom of your heart. It is liberating. It grounds you. It moulds you even, as it makes you think and forces you to be brave. It doesnt make me cry. It makes me sad, afraid and then teach myself to be brave.


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