An opinion on an opinion

How unimaginative is that title? Yeah, I could not come up with anything else.

Everyone is in such a rush to convince the world about their opinion and enforce it with vehemence. I have always viewed opinion as a personal right, a personal space and hardly something to wear on your sleeve. That spot in your mind where opinions are formed is a big large space for you to paint a certain picture of the world based on what you see, influenced by intelligence (hopefully), interpretation and personality. I have never viewed my right to an opinion to be my right or my gateway to prove any sort of superiority to the world. Having said that, I have always understood that my freedom to my opinion is a one way street and I need not let anything or anybody change it unless it comes from an intelligent, tolerant space. Equally strong is my lack of desire to force my opinion on anyone around me. When someone sitting across me says anything that contradicts my view, I have never felt compelled to scream out my view, argue and prove anyone wrong. Each one has the right to live by their beliefs. I may believe someone’s belief maybe keeping them away from the path they would like to be on or their right path. But unless that wrong step has a direct impact on my life or that of the other person’s, I like to avoid argument. I dislike the word argument. To me, it carries too much negativity. That is probably because I have met very few people in my life who can express their opposing view without bringing in arrogance, pride, ego, inexplicable drive and desire to win (an argument) and/or vehemence. I deplore all such traits.

I find it entertaining to see folks endlessly argue over any and every matter including what dress may suit a celebrity. All that energy can be put to better use, I am certain. Maybe in reading further and educating yourself about just a bit more on the subject matter itself. Most people have also lost any idea of the fundamental fact that if you like a certain colour blue and only that colour, it does not mean that all other colours are non existent or that all others colours “have to” be “bad” to the world at large. Pretty dumb in my opinion.


Just before I say goodbye

There is something special about the time post dinner and before sleep invites me. I love this space in my life. I always have. This is when I indulge in the following (most days) and revel in the joy it brings me:

– Read a book. It transports you to another world. A world that carries so much resemblance with your own. A world in which you experience emotions and situations that you would never allow yourself to experience in your life. A world in which a stranger (read : the author) uses words so beautifully to form a chain of thought or an expression of an innermost feeling that you always felt but never understood. Awakening. 

– Lose yourself in some fact based or opinion based reading. It may not be emotionally intriguing but definitely enriching, triggering ideas and invoking an astonishing level of motivation and goal seeking in you. Fulfilling.

– Indulge in the biggest but most basic blessings in your life. Relationships. Emails to friend who lives half the world away. An email that in todays world most of us have found a way to bring in the equal satisfaction of a conversation. A long, indulging conversation with a family member. To relive the love that exists in your life and the love that will propel you forward

– Or write. Like what I am doing now. To connect with myself. To put together many a thought and gain that much needed better understanding of one’s own self. To find so much gratification in expression. To feel joy.

I am done. Joy that I worked on through mind and body envelopes me right now. To break beyond the obvious and achieve the unknown. To value the essentials and not letting much else impair my sight right now. I love my life. I love my people – family and friends. They make my life. I make my life what it is and thats as good as it can get for you, me or anyone else.